Best Practices for the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act 

January | Virginia: The Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (VCDA) Working Group on the Joint Commission on Technology and Science has identified 167 points of emphasis around the VCDA. 


Four More Consumer Data Privacy Bills Introduced in US 

January | National: Lawmakers have introduced new consumer data privacy bills in Florida, Washington, Indiana and Washington, D.C. 


California Privacy Rights Act for Employers: The New “Notice at Collection” California Employers Must Distribute to the Workforce 

February | California: Under the CPRA, California employees will have the right to receive a “notice of collection” explaining how the employer will use personal information. 


2022 Data Protection & Privacy To-Do List 

February | National: Several states have enacted laws that largely follow the footsteps of the California Consumer Privacy Act. 


Amendments Proposed to Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act 

February | Virginia: Several bills could amend the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (VCDPA) in 2023. 


California and Colorado Privacy Regulators Provide Updates on Rulemaking 

February | California and Colorado: Updates have been provided in California and Colorado regarding the rulemaking process pertaining to the CCPA and the CPA. 


Georgia Introduces Privacy Bill Stricter Than CCPPA – The Top 10 Issues 

February | Georgia: The Georgia Computer Data Privacy Act (GCDPA) has been introduced and in some ways, it is more strict than the CCPA. 


Indiana Joins the Privacy Party by Introducing its Own Data Privacy Bill 

February | Indiana: Indiana’s Senate Bill 358 sets forth a number of consumer data protection standards. 


The Proposed Massachusetts Information Privacy Act and Security Act: Will This Be the Year Massachusetts Finally Updates its Consumer Privacy Laws? 

February | Massachusetts: The Massachusetts Information Privacy and Security Act will provide updates on the state’s Consumer Privacy Laws. 


Proposed State Privacy Law Update Feb. 14, 2022 

February | National: Several bills have been discussed regarding consumer data privacy across the country, including Arizona, Iowa and Rhode Island. 


Data Privacy is More Than Just Data Security 

March | National: Any company that collects, stores and/or manages someone’s basic information should become familiar with data privacy laws across the country. 


State Privacy Law Update as of March 28, 2022 

March | National: Check out this weekly update on the status of proposed state privacy legislation in 2022. 


Hello, Utah Consumer Privacy Act! 

March | Utah: Utah has introduced a consumer privacy act that contains more stringent applicability thresholds in comparison to other state laws. 


Amendments to the Virginia Consumer Data Privacy Act Pass Legislature 

April | Virginia: The Virginia Consumer Data Privacy Act (CDPA) could be amended based on four amendments passed by the Virginia House and Senate. 


Colorado AG Issues Guidance on Data Security Best Practices 

April | Colorado: Colorado’s attorney general has released guidance that outlines best practices for safeguarding consumer data. 


How the Utah Consumer Privacy Act Stacks Up Against Other State Privacy Laws

April | Utah: Although similar to other consumer privacy laws, several significant differences exist with the Utah Consumer Privacy Act. 


Proposed State Privacy Law Update: April 11, 2022 

April | National: Several privacy laws have been introduced and/or updated throughout the country. 


California Privacy Rights Act for Employers: Vendor Contracting Requirements

April | California: Although the CCPA doesn’t require specific provisions in agreements with service providers, there are incentives for those who include certain provisions in the agreements. 


Humans Are Incapable of Effectively Preventing Identity Fraud: Here’s How AI Can Help

May | National: AI technology can offer a low margin for error when it comes to tracking the potential for identity fraud. 


California Assembly Proposed Data Privacy Law for Workers 

May | California: The Workplace Technology Accountability Act aims to regulate employers, and their vendors, regarding the use of employee data. 


Utah Becomes Fourth US State to Enact Comprehensive Consumer Privacy Legislation 

May | Utah: Utah became the fourth state to enact comprehensive consumer privacy legislation. 


Connecticut Legislature Passes Comprehensive Privacy Bill 

May | Connecticut: The Connecticut legislature has passed Connecticut SB 6, which closely resembles the Colorado Privacy Act. 


New York Enacts Employee Privacy Laws 

May | New York: Employers in New York must provide written notice to their employees prior to engaging in certain electronic monitoring activities. 


Connecticut Data Privacy Act – What Businesses Need to Know 

June | Connecticut: The Connecticut Data Privacy Act applies to anyone conducting business in the state or producing products or services targeted to Connecticut residents. 


What Your Business Should Know About Utah’s Consumer Privacy Act 

June | Utah: The Utah Consumer Privacy Act applies to businesses involved in data processing that conduct business in Utah or produce a product or service targeted at Utah residents. 


Draft CPRA Regulations Issued by the California Privacy Protection Agency 

June | California: The CCPA has released a 66-page working draft of regulations to the CPRA. 


Employee and Personnel Personal Information – Privacy and Employment Law Intersect 

June | California: Effective January 1, 2023, businesses that are subject to the CPRA should reevaluate their existing privacy practices. 


Job Applicants, Diversity Data, and Privacy Compliance Under the GDPR: What You Need to Know 

June | National: United States companies that collect Sensitive HR Data in the EEA/UUK and transfer it to the US in compliance with the GDPR should consider several factors. 


Employee Privacy: Understanding an Employer’s Obligations Under Complex Legal Landscape

June | National: State privacy rights should be considered by employers who are interested in monitoring work-related and other activities of their employees. 


Draft Released of the Bipartisan American Data Privacy and Protection Act 

June | National: The American Data Privacy and Protection Act prohibits covered entities from collecting, processing or transferring covered data. 


Some World Leaders Take the Hint and Start Building Bulwarks Against Deepfake Danger 

July | International: Several big-name companies and world leaders have provided their signatures on an update to a 2018 voluntary practice code for combatting disinformation to a co-regulation scheme. 


CFPB Issues Advisory to Protect Privacy When Companies Compile Personal Data 

July | National: Biometric privacy-enhancing technologies (BPET) have been introduced as playing a major role in protecting the sensitive information of Americans. 


Are You Ready for 2023? New Privacy Laws to Take Effect Next Year

August | National: Five new privacy laws should be reviewed by organizations in preparation of their 2023 effective dates. 


CCPA/CPRA Will Apply to Employee and B2B Data – Five Steps to Prepare for the January 1, 2023, Effective Date 

September | California: Effective January 1, 2023, employee and Business-to-Business (B2B) personal information exemptions under the CCPA will expire. 


Key Dates from US Comprehensive State Privacy Laws 

September | National: A timeline has been created that addresses the comprehensive data privacy laws in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Utah and Virginia. 


Colorado Privacy Act Proposed Draft Rules Released 

October | Colorado: The proposed draft Colorado Privacy Act (CPA) Rules has been released and it adds significant complexity and obligations on businesses. 


Connecticut Moves to Protect Consumer Privacy: What Does Its Data Privacy Act Require? 

October | Connecticut: Connecticut has become the fifth state to enact a broadly applicable consumer privacy law. 


Data Protection Professionals Like It Hot: 7 Hot Topics and Trends in Data Privacy Today 

October | International: Several topics have been brought up in the data privacy world, including the release of the Executive Order of Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework. 


Biden Signs Executive Order with New Framework to Protect Data Transfers Between the U.S. and EU 

October | International: An executive order has been signed to implement a new framework to protect the privacy of personal data shared between the U.S. and Europe. 


Your Annual MVR Check and MVR Monitoring Must Follow FCRA Compliance and DOT Recordkeeping Requirements 

October | National: MVR checks must involve a disclosure, an authorization and a summary of rights in order to avoid significant fines and accidents.


California Privacy Law Action Items for Employers 

November | California: The CCPA will take effect in the job applicant and employment context on January 1.