California Privacy Rights Act Passes: Five Tips to Help Companies Prepare for California’s New, New Thing! 

January | California: Employers are advised to reassess the organization’s data sharing and marketing strategies in light of the CPRA’s changed definitions of several key factors. 


Virginia Set to Become Second State to Pass a Comprehensive Privacy Law 

February | Virginia: The Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act is similar to the CCPA and GDPR, but varies in key aspects such as applicability, exemptions, and controller/processor distinction. 


Facial Recognition and Other Biometrics Targeted in Data Privacy Legislation

February | Washington: A new version of the Washington Privacy Act would categorize biometric data as sensitive information and require consent before processing the data. 


Wait a Minute — I Thought Employee Data Was Deferred From the CPPA Until 2023. What Exactly Are Employers Supposed to Do Now? 

February | California: Employers in California are still required to provide employees with a notice of collection “at or before the point at which” the collection of information occurs. 


It’s Raining Privacy Bills: An Overview of the Washington State Privacy Act 

February | Washington: A new version of the Washington Privacy Act (WPA) was introduced, along with nine other privacy-related bills. 


Virginia Becomes the Second U.S. State to Enact Major Privacy Legislation 

March | Virginia: The Consumer Data Protection Act was signed into law, making Virginia the second state to enact major privacy legislation of general applicability in the United States. 


How to Confirm Your Privacy Program Complies with California and Virginia Privacy Obligations 

April | California and Virginia: Virginia has passed consumer privacy legislation that overlaps the California Privacy Rights Act regarding compliance obligations, but there are key differences. 


Virginia Enacts Consumer Data Protection Act 

April | Virginia: Virginia has become the second state to codify a major privacy and data protection law. 


Personal Info to be Kept Off Court Documents 

June | Michigan: Birth dates and other identifying information will be shielded from public consumption in a move that aims to protect people named in court documents. 


Colorado Passes the Colorado Privacy Act Which Could Expand Obligations of Businesses to Colorado Consumers and Regulators 

July | Colorado: The Colorado Privacy Act places affirmative obligations on entities that conduct business in the state that meet one of two criteria. 


Welcome to the Privacy Party, Ohio: State Legislature Proposes Comprehensive Data Privacy Legislation 

August | Ohio: The Ohio Personal Privacy Act aims to bring privacy law protections to Ohio consumers by giving them control over their personal data. 


California Court Ruling Could Complicate Background Checks 

August | California: A court in California ruled that neither an individual’s birthdate nor driver’s license number can be used to identify someone when searching a court’s criminal index. 


Colorado Privacy Act: What Businesses Need to Know 

August | Colorado: Colorado has become the third state to enact a comprehensive consumer data privacy law with the passage of the Colorado Privacy Act (CPA). 


U.S. House Committee Votes to Create New FTC Privacy Bureau and Appropriate $1 Billion For It 

October | National: The U.S. E&C Committee has voted in favor of a legislative recommendation that would create a new FTC privacy bureau.  


The State of Consumer Data Privacy Laws in the US (And Why It Matters) 

October | National: A mix of federal laws, including HIPPA, FCRA and COPPA, all contribute to how private date is handled. Just three states have their own data privacy laws. 


2021 Year-in-Review — U.S. State Privacy Legislation 

November | National: The pandemic has increased the use of digital services and platforms, but little has been done when it comes to federal privacy legislation on data privacy. 


FTC Finalizes Updates to GLBA Safeguards Rule to Implement Detailed Additional Security Requirements 

December | National: The FTC has published its Final Rule to amend the Standards for Safeguarding Consumer Information, which applies to financial institutions. 


New York Latest State to Provide Additional Employee Privacy Protections with Electronic Monitoring Law 

December | New York: New York State employers who engage in electronic monitoring of employee communications will be required to notify their workers of such monitoring. 


Reminders of Annual CCPA Updates 

December | California: The end of the year is a great time for businesses to reevaluate their CCPA and CPRA compliance measures, including notice requirements and privacy statutes. 


Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act Work Group Issues Final Report

December | Virginia: A Final Report has been issued by the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act that summarizes information from recent meetings. 


Introduction and Overview of Biometric Privacy Laws by Seyfarth Shaw LLP

December | National: Seyfarth Shaw LLP has presented a vlog featuring their thoughts, analysis and practical guidance on workplace privacy laws and regulations that are affecting employers.