Dan Etzel, COO, Netforce Global, LLC

Grab a latte and pull up a chair and join us for a great interview with Dan Etzel, COO, Netforce Global, LLC.

billBefore joining the background screening industry Dan worked for the US Department of Homeland Security as a Border Patrol agent from 1999 to 2011. He was responsible for patrolling the US/Mexico border in San Diego, CA with various details to other remote border regions. As he reflected on his past employment he said “The job was sometimes exhilarating and other times it was routine, but overall it proved to be a very unique and enriching experience.”

He segued into the background screening industry from his law enforcement role in 2011 because of a leadership opportunity presented by NetForce Global which was founded by Dan’s father, Ed Etzel. The company was evolving through an advanced startup phase and he joined them to fulfill the operational role of COO.

When asked about something he particularly likes about working in the background screening industry, Dan, shared that “Because NetForce Global is an international wholesaler of background screening data he particularly enjoys applying his “experience and creativity to this diverse segment of the screening industry.

Sitting back, he thoughtfully noted that “Operationally, there are both very interesting and also very challenging aspects of the job. The business is interesting because of the international scope, but it’s also challenging for the same reason. You’re dealing with large amounts of information from abroad and it’s got to flow efficiently and accurately from the source to the end user.” He added, “The challenge is ensuring that sufficient bandwidth is maintained in order to accomplish this. Technology and effective interpersonal communications are definitely necessary to accomplish this task. It’s very rewarding to be an integral contributor to this process.”

The mission of the company is ‘To exceed our clients’ expectations through excellent customer service, quality search results, and as a trusted advisor for the background screening industry.’

Dan shared that most recently Netforce Global has developed a universal system solution for the maintenance of personal identifiable information for individuals who reside in Russia to comply with the new Russian Data Protection requirements. The process involves the employment of a Russia Secure production server solution located in Russia.

Dan went on to say that “NetForce Global is committed to excellence. We offer wide-ranging wholesale screening services to match a growing and evolving industry. We place a strong emphasis on in-country compliance, data security, quality service, and valuable customer relationships as a leading industry provider.”

When asked about what he sees coming down the road for the background screening industry Dan said, “I see continued industry growth and opportunity that roughly parallels overall jobs growth which I’m confident will continue to uptrend. Inevitably this is likely to be accompanied by forms of additional regulation. Currently this regulation is taking the form of heavy pressure on maintaining data privacy around the world, which makes sense, and as an industry provider we adapt and comply as necessary.”

Turning the conversation to him personally, Dan shared he recently had read the book, “Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter: It’s Your Customer’s Opinion That Counts, By Andrew Ballard.”

He also shared that the person he would most like to meet is Albert Einstein.

And before closing he shared his favorite quote, “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” Author, Mark Twain.

Many thanks to Dan for a very interesting and insightful interview.

Dan can be reached at 877-927-4111


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