HooYu Aligns Brand with Mitek, Signs Up Selfie Biometrics Partner 

January | National: Mitek Systems (formerly HooYu) has been contracted by to provide a digital identity screening solution for Right to Work and DBS checks. 


Illinois Supreme Court Holds Five-Year Statute of Limitations Applies to All Biometric Information Privacy Act Claims 

February | Illinois: The Illinois Supreme Court has held that all claims arising under the Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) are governed by the five-year statute of limitations period. 


IDloop Develops 3D Fingerprint Scanner with Microscopic Resolution, Joins Accelerator 

February | Illinois: IDloop’s contactless 3D fingerprint scanner aims to quickly compare fingerprints against existing databases collected with contact-based scanners. 


New Biometric Identity Verification Platform from Trulioo Promises Easier Compliance 

February | National: Trulioo’s global digital identity platform brings together selfie biometrics, identity document verification, utility data and more. 


Takeaways from Illinois Supreme Court Decision on BIPA’s Applicable Statute of Limitations 

February | Illinois: The Illinois Supreme Court has held that the state’s five-year contractual limitations period is applicable to all claims alleging BIPA non-compliance. 


Whole Foods Market Settles Biometric Information Case for $300,000

February | National: A recent Whole Foods lawsuit reminds companies to obtain consent before using biometric information. 


Illinois Employers on Notice: BIPA Claims Accrue with Each Scan or Transmission, Court Says 

February | Illinois: Per the Illinois high court, a separate claim accrues under the BIPA each time an entity scans or transmits an individual’s biometric information. 


Idemia Rounds Up a New Handful of US States for Digital Fingerprinting 

March | National: Idemia has signed two- to seven-year contracts with multiple states across the country for digital fingerprinting and other enrollment services. 


CheckpointID and IDScan Move BIPA Case to US Federal Court to Keep Lid on Damages 

April | Illinois: A case in which the plaintiff claims violations under the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act has been moved from a state court to a federal venue. 


Coinbase Sued Under Biometric Information Privacy Act 

May | Illinois: A proposed class action has been filed in federal court alleging Coinbase of violations of Illinois’ biometric privacy law. 


FTC Issues Policy Statement on Biometric Information and Section 5 of the FTC Act to Address Concerns About Misuse 

May | National: The FTC has issued a policy statement warning that the use of consumer biometric information and related technologies raises “significant concerns.” 


May | US FTC Posts 6-Point Biometrics Policy to Protect Customers 

May | National: The FTC has published six practices related to biometric use. 


Selfie ID Biometric Verification Vendor’s Bid for Dismissal of BIPA Class Action Rejected by Federal Court 

June | Illinois: A federal court has rejected a selfie ID facial recognition identity verification vendor’s bid for dismissal of a BIPA class action. 


Biometrics vs. the Wallet: The Future of Authentication 

October | National: Authentication, identification and authorization are moving into the digital world as the result of the planned changes to the eIDAS regulation. 


Damages for Violations of BIPA are Discretionary, Not Mandatory 

October | Illinois: Under BIPA, companies using biometric data risk compliance and could face significant fines per violation. 


An Ocean of Fraud: Industry Offers Biometrics and Data Exploitation Solutions After Sweeping COVID-19 Fraud 

October | National: Between $36 and $400 billion is estimated to have been lost to fraud during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


BIPA Excludes Health Care Workers Engaged in Treatment, Payment, or Operations 

December | Illinois: The Illinois Supreme Court has determined that the biometric information of health care workers collected, used, or stored for health care treatment, payment, or operations is excluded from BIPA’s purview.