Beware of Hidden Pitfalls: Biometric Privacy Guidance for California Employers 

January | California: There are several legal requirements that must be satisfied when using biometrics or employers face noncompliance. 


Practical Guidance for Minimizing FTC Liability Exposure When Using Facial Biometrics 

January | National: Even if they are not governed by any biometric privacy regulation, companies should take the steps to build a privacy compliance program. 


U.S. Biometric Laws & Pending Legislation 

February | National: With expanding biometric laws across the country, businesses should familiarize themselves with existing and proposed legislation. 


7th Circuit: Is Each Transmission of Biometric Data a BIPA Violation? 

February | National: An important question has been certified to the Illinois Supreme Court pertaining to the accrual of BIPA claims. 


California State Senator Introduces a BIPA-like Law to Protect Biometric Information 

March | California: Senate Bill 1189 aims to add protections for biometric information, as well as other statutory provisions. 


The Future of Biometrics in the Workplace 

March | National: There are many advantages to biometrics, but employers must understand their responsibilities in order to remain compliant. 


The Clear and Present Danger of Not Complying with Biometric Privacy Laws 

April | National: More than 10 states have enacted Biometric Privacy Laws and others are expected to follow suite, so it is important to understand all avenues of compliance. 


Recent BIPA Opinion May Have Significant Implications on the Scope of Section 15(b) Claims Moving Forward 

April | California: A federal court issued a notable Illinois BIPA opinion that could have significant implications for third-party biometric technology providers. 


Illinois Federal Court Holds that BIPA Applies to Photographs 

May | Illinois: The Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act can apply to photographs in addition to facial and hand scans, according to an Illinois Federal Court. 


Some World Leaders Take the Hint and Start Building Bulwarks Against Deepfake Danger 

July | International: The EU, as well as some big-name companies, are taking steps to crack down on deepfakes. 


Persona Launches Biometric KYB/KYC Automation Platform 

July | California: Persona has released automated know your business and know your customer platforms that use biometrics for regulatory compliance. 


Another Big Court Decision in US Litigation. Jury Finds for Biometric Privacy Rights 

October | Illinois: A rail company is facing at least a $44 million payout in a case of BIPA non-compliance. 


Illinois District Court Rejects ‘Trio’ of BIPA Defenses in Denying Motion to Dismiss 

October | Illinois: Another plaintiff-friendly decision has been made under the Illinois BIPA, this time regarding the use of technology to screen for purposes of preventing the spread of Covid-19. 


Jury Quickly Funds Railway Company Liable in First Ever BIPA Trial 

October | Illinois: A railway company was found liable for violating the Illinois BIPA – about 45,600 times. 


Microsoft, Amazon Granted Summary Judgement in Biometric Data Privacy Lawsuits 

October | Chicago: The plaintiffs in two class action cases claimed Microsoft and Amazon violated the Illinois BIPA. 


Illinois Supreme Court Hears Arguments on the Proper Limitations Period for BIPA Claims in Tims v. Black Horse Carriers 

October | Illinois: Class action lawsuits were filed against an employer for alleging the company unlawfully collected, possessed and disclosed their fingerprints in violation of the BIPA. 


First Verdict Under Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act a Sign of Things to Come 

November | Illinois: A $228 million judgment was rendered in favor of the plaintiff in the first verdict under the Illinois BIPA.