Strict Updates to Massachusetts’ ‘Ban the Box’ Law

JANUARY I MASSACHUSETTS: Massachusetts has adopted a new criminal justice reform that altered existing “Ban the Box” laws in significant ways.

Massachusetts Attorney General is Checking Whether Employment Applications Contain Prohibited Criminal History Questions

MAY I MASSACHUSETTS: An investigation of more than 70 Massachusetts employers took place for violation of the state’s ban-the-box law, resulting in 21 citations.

New Mexico Joins the Nationwide Movement to ‘Ban the Box’

JUNE I NEW MEXICO: New Mexico’s “Criminal Offender Employment Act” would prohibit private employers from inquiring into applicants’ arrest or conviction history during the pre-application stage.

Oakland County Bans Criminal History Box on Government Job Applications

JUNE I CALIFORNIA: Oakland County now is prohibited from inquiring about someone’s criminal history during the pre-employment screening process.

Ban the Box and Statistical Discrimination

JUNE I NATIONAL: Evaluations of Ban the Box laws have found the well-intentioned bill actually increases statistical discrimination because employers use “race as a proxy leading to discrimination.”

Governor Hogan Vetoes the Ban the Box Bill

JUNE I MARYLAND: Although Maryland’s governor announced he would veto House Bill 994, the “Ban the Box” bill was passed with veto-proof majorities in both the House and Senate.

D.C. Government Collects $500K from Employers That Failed to “Ban the Box”

JUNE I DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: More than 1,100 charges have been filed against employers in the District of Columbia for asking about criminal histories on job applications.

Colorado Enacts Statewide Ban-the-Box Law for Private Employers

JUNE I COLORADO: Under Colorado’s Chance to Compete Act (House Bill 19-1025), employers are prohibited from asking about criminal history on an initial written or electronic application.

Waterloo City Council Passed ‘Fair Chance Initiative’ at Final Vote

OCTOBER I IOWA: Waterloo City has passed a “ban the box” type of ordinance, making it an “unlawful discriminatory practice” to ask about criminal record early in the screening process.

Waterloo, Iowa Enacts Ban the Box Restrictions

DECEMBER I IOWA: Scheduled to take effect July 1, 2020, all private employers with at least 15 employees, including the City of Waterloo, are subject to the city’s new Ban the Box Ordinance.

Ban the Box Bill Passed House

DECEMBER I NATIONAL: A bill that aims to give formerly incarcerated individuals a better chance at finding employment has passed the U.S. House of Representatives.