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Conduct Thorough Background Checks on Travel Agents 

 People have been urged to conduct thorough background checks on travel agents. Consumer Council of Fiji has received 91 complaints against travel agents in the last three and a half years and 13 complaints up until September this year. Chief Executive Officer Premila Kumar said that there are bogus travel agents who demand lump sum of money after promising consumers work permits, migration visas and permanent residency in overseas countries. Kumar said it has been brought to the Council’s attention that some of these travel agents close overnight and people have no idea what to do. The Council is concerned that such cases will continue to rise, as there is no proper monitoring system in place and no monitoring authority to look into this problem. The Council has resolved some cases through mediation held at the Council where the travel agents agree to refund partially or the full amount, however most of the cases however have been referred to CID for investigations.

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