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A World of Difference: Improving Your Screening Program with Global Background Checks   

Have you ever hired someone who was born in another country? What about someone who at one point lived abroad? Worked Internationally? Attended a foreign institution? Chances are, you may have, at some point, had someone with at least some aspect of a non-domestic history on your payroll. So did you conduct a background check that included the time they were abroad? Download this white paper to explore: the growing population of the foreign-born workforce, the importance of consistent hiring practices for all job candidates, the most common reasons employers do not check and expose themselves to risk, and the benefits of global background screening.

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Global Due Diligence: Introduction to International Background Screening   

As geographic mobility has increased among job candidates, an often overlooked gap in many employers’ background screening programs is conducting checks on international candidates. This includes not only conducting background screening within oversea operations, but also on domestic candidates who have a history abroad. View this recorded webinar to learn the benefits and challenges of screening globally, as well as available searches and best practices for procuring information outside North America.

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Think Globally, Act Locally: Implementing a Global Employee Screening Program    

Many multinational organizations struggle with creating a comprehensive, centralized global background screening program due to complications such as diverse workforces, multiple locations, and varying cultural norms. Because any organization’s success hinges on the caliber of its employees, standardizing global background screening policies is critical in creating a safe and compliant environment, regardless of an office’s location. But where should organizations begin? This white paper explores the challenges associated with creating a global background screening program, and best practices on how to successfully implement a single global solution

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Cisco Rolls Out Global Screening to 93 Countries   

Driven by their global growth initiative, Cisco human resources worked closely with HireRight to identify the legal, social and cultural screening requirements and prohibitions in 93 countries across Asia, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. This educational case study will provide you with the benefits of rolling out a global background screening solution and you’ll learn important details to consider when looking at a global solution for your firm.

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