DOT Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Rates for 2022 

January | National: The DOT’s operating agencies have announced their random drug and alcohol testing rates for 2022. 


Overdoses are Increasing at a Troubling Rate 

February | National: More than 100,000 Americans lose their lives to overdose each year and the numbers continue to rise due to the opioid surge and insufficient access to treatments. 


The Pandemic’s Impact on DOT Random Drug Test Refusals 

February | National: The OOIDA has asked the FMCSA to offer guidance on how the shortage of staff and specimen cups is affecting the results of drivers. 


Use of Opioid Medications by Applicant for Forklift Job Was Not Sufficient to Deny Employment Without Individualized Assessment 

February | Ohio: A federal court has denied summary judgement to both parties where an employer refused to hire an applicant who used opioid medication as a forklift driver. 


Fast, Clean, Accurate Alcohol Testing – The Future Is Here

March | National: A recent survey shows that oral fluid drug testing is on the rise, many providers are interested in telehealth collections and marijuana is changing screening. 


Lonza America to Pay $150,000 to Settle EEOC Disability Lawsuit 

March | Tennessee: Lonza America LLC has settled a disability discrimination lawsuit for $150,000. 


Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs: Addition of Oral Fluid Specimen Testing for Drugs 

March | National: The DOT has proposed an amendment to the transportation industry drug testing program procedures regulation to include oral fluid testing. 


Workforce Drug Test Positivity Climbs to Highest Level in Two Decades 

April | National: Positivity rates for marijuana have increased 8.3 percent for the highest positivity rate ever reported. 


Drug Overdoses in 2021 at Highest Level on Record According to CDC, Driven by Opioids 

May | National: New data released by the CDC shows that drug overdoses in 2021 reached the highest levels on record. 


Drugs Made in Labs Now Cause Most U.S. Overdose Deaths 

May | National: Synthetic drugs, such as fentanyl, are causing an increase in overdose deaths because they’re easy and discreet to ship. 


Quest Diagnostics Study Finds Highest Drug Positivity Rate in 20 Years 

May | National: A new study suggests that employers saw the highest rate of positive drug test results in 20 years. 


New Drug Testing Technologies and State Drug Testing Laws 

May | National: It is an exciting time for those in the drug testing industry, with changing laws creating challenges for employee screening. 


Pre-Employment Drug Testing Not Compensable Under California Law Holds Ninth Circuit 

June | Idaho: It has been determined that those who underwent drug testing prior to employment with WinCo Foods Holdings, Inc., were not entitled to compensation.  


Workplace Safety and Your Company’s Reputation 

July | National: The increase in marijuana laws across the country have brought with them an increase in drug screening positivity rates. 


Addiction and Substance Abuse in Post-Covid Era: Navigating Stormy Employment Waters 

August | National: According to the May 2021 Mental Health Index report, there has been a significant increase in alcohol and drug use since the start of the pandemic. 


The Future of Alcohol Testing is Here  

August | National: SOBR Safe, Inc., has developed a patent-pending, touch-based identity verification and alcohol detection system in response to the challenges presented by the pandemic. 


DOT Proposes New Guidance for Medical Examiners to Address CBD Use by Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers 

September | National: The FMCSA has published a proposed draft Medical Examiner’s Handbook that provides information about rules to consider when making qualification determinations. 


Workplace Drug Testing: What You Need to Know 

September | National: Workplace drug testing policies have been said to infringe on an employee’s rights, but having one in place helps create a safer workplace for everyone. 


Post-Accident Testing & The Clearinghouse: The Implications of an Unauthorized Test 

October | National: Post-accident drug and alcohol testing of commercial motor vehicle operations is legally required in one of three scenarios. 


Trucking Industry Group Seeks to Conduct Drug Screening Utilizing Hair Testing 

October | National: The FMCSA has requested public comment on an application for exemption submitted by The Trucking Alliance pertaining to hair follicle testing.


The Benefits of Drug Testing Remote Workers 

October | National: A survey revealed that one in five American workers admits to using alcohol, cannabis or recreational drugs while working remotely, reinforcing the need to conduct testing. 


1 in 5 Deaths of US Adults 20 to 49 is From Excessive Drinking, Study Shows 

November | National: One study has revealed that 1 in 5 deaths of people ages 20 to 49 were attributable to excessive alcohol use and 1 in 5 deaths for people ages 20 to 64. 


Warning: No Fishing Allowed! 

November | Texas: A recent court decision has clarified whether the results of driver drug-and-alcohol tests from those not involved in an incident are relevant in motor vehicle cases.