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When OPENonline was founded in 1992, we pushed boundaries by pioneering online, on-demand access to business and consumer information. OPENonline has always strived to follow best industry standards, so when we learned about the rigorous compliance requirements of the NAPBS® accreditation program, we knew we had to attain it. Heather Browning, Executive Vice President of OPENonline said, “It was a challenging process because we were one of the first companies to go through the audit; however, the teamwork and contribution of many employees made the process incredibly rewarding.” Browning added, “Accreditation is formal recognition of our commitment to industry-leading standards in data security, consumer protection, legal compliance, integrity and professionalism.”

We earned our accreditation in 2010 and have maintained our status following rigid annual audits as well as the successful completion of the BSAAP Interim Surveillance Audit. The meticulous nature of the NAPBS® audit required us to work across multiple departments to evaluate the processes, procedures and documentation in place.

OPENonline continually strives to be the leading provider of background checks and to develop technology-driven background screening tools and innovative employment screening tailored to meet clients’ needs. “The quality of our service is best reflected in the caliber of information we produce, as well as the enduring relationships we have with our clients,” said Browning. “We truly enjoy working with our customers and are motivated to work harder when we see how our company positively affects them.” OPENonline’s success largely stems from our collaborative environment and customer-centric support system.

Gaining NAPBS® accreditation assures our clients that they are working with a company that holds high data security and service standards. Browning smiled as she added, “Accreditation has greatly benefited the company because not only have we gained the prestige associated with being accredited, but it also positioned us so that we are able to work with select companies who, by law, have to work with NAPBS® accredited CRAs.”

Browning ended the interview saying, “We proudly get to say that we are one of the 5% of background screening companies who have worked this hard to get accreditation.”


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