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It wasn’t a decision of yes or no when it came to Applicant Insight earning NAPBS accreditation, it was only a decision of when. “It was a must,” emphasized CEO, Bon Idziak. “When NAPBS announced the accreditation program, we were excited to have another measurement of our policies, practices, and procedures. We were also confident that by going through the process, it would make us a better organization, and it did!”

Applicant Insight’s mission is to build long lasting relationships and partnerships centered on flexible, compliance driven, risk-adverse hiring solutions. To accomplish this, Applicant Insight is dedicated to the following four core principles: Advocacy, Knowledge, Education, and Accessibility. Through their dedication to these principals, along with a firm belief in the employer’s right to make informed decisions regarding their organization’s safety, security, and interests, Applicant Insight can fulfill not just a desire, but an obligation, to provide Powerful Insight from People You Trust!

The company’s involvement in NAPBS has been a critical component of their growth and success, and they pride themselves not only on their service and solutions, but also on their dedication to compliance with industry standards and applicable laws or regulations. “Earning accreditation shows that we are part of a unique group of CRAs that are willing to measure ourselves against something other than just our own expectation, and hold ourselves to that standard.” Idziak went on to say, “Accreditation is not a task that can be undertaken on a whim. It takes time, coordination, and strategic resource allocation to effectively execute the process.”

Applicant Insight prides themselves on maintaining a pattern of growth through an economic downturn and achieving consistent growth through direct efforts. “As an organization, we devote a substantial amount of personnel and resources to being at the forefront of not just our clients’ interests, but the interests of the screening industry as a whole. We truly believe that we have to not only look out for our individual organizational interests but, as an industry, collectively look out for the interests of background screening, and be an advocate when necessary.”

As a nationally recognized leader in the background industry, Applicant Insight demonstrates true dedication and passion to providing best-in-class services. “Hiring is typically indicative of growth, and growth can be difficult,” added Idziak. “At Applicant Insight, we believe we are uniquely positioned to provide custom solutions designed to alleviate some of those growing pains so our clients can focus on what they are passionate about, growing their business!”


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