Volume 10, Edition 10, October 2014

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Yes. The I-9 rules require that the documents presented appear to “reasonably relate” to the employee. Here, the birth certificate is acceptable because the employee has indicated that Richardson is her maiden name, and birth certificates generally are not edited, altered, or updated when an individual’s name is legally changed.

What if an employee presents a document for I-9 purposes with a different last name? An employee started work today and indicated that her last name is Jones on her Form I-9. But then she presented a birth certificate for List C that shows her last name as Richardson. She says that is her maiden name and listed it in Section 1 of the Form I-9 as her maiden name. Can I accept this as a List C document?

___ Yes, I can accept the information 'as is'

___ Yes, I can conditionally accept the information pending submission of a new document with a matching name.

___ No, I cannot accept the information


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