Volume 10, Edition 11, November 2014

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First, you are not legally required to take any action on the Form I-9 to reflect the change. However, it is usually recommended that you update the Form I-9 to ensure that the I-9 matches your payroll and other records. To update the Form I-9, you need only input the employee’s new name in Section 3 of the form, then sign and date Section 3. Depending on the version of the form that you are using, you may also need to print your name in Section 3.
You need not attach any documentation to the Form I-9 as evidence of the name change. Many attorneys recommend against requesting any proof of the name change for I-9 purposes, though you may request proof of the change prior to updating the name in your payroll and tax records.

What Should An Employer Do On The Form I-9 When An Employee's Name Changes?

I have an employee who just got married, and she changed her name. What do I do on the I-9 to reflect this change?

A. Nothing.

B. Complete a new I-9.

C. Input the employee's new name in Section 3. Make and keep a copy of the employee's new Social Security card, and retain it with the Form I-9. Sign, print your name, and date Section 3.

D. Input the employee's new name in Section 3. Sign, print your name, and date Section 3.

E. The employer can choose between A and D.

F. The employer can choose between B and C.


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