Volume 9, Edition 10, October 2013

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The Answer is (D). Noteworthy is the fact that the FCRA’s original bill language in 1995 required 5 days but was amended to “a reasonable time” before passage of the legislation. However, some courts have seen the 5 days mentioned in the Congressional record and thought that is what Congress believed was “reasonable.” In its 2012 guidance, the EEOC seeks to change the measure of “reasonableness” to be based on the employee’s need rather than the needs of the employer. However, if the employer cannot wait 5 days or however long the consumer needs, then business necessity should control.

How much time does the FCRA require between the pre-adverse action letter and the adverse action letter for employment purposes?

A. 5 days

B. A reasonable time to allow the consumer to dispute and correct the adverse information.

C. 30 days

D. A reasonable time measured by the employer's hiring needs.


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