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This is an optional field where the employee can input his or her e-mail address if he/she would like to do so. If you use E-Verify, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) may use this e-mail address to contact the employee and inform her of any Tentative Nonconfirmation that results from your E-Verify query. DHS may also provide e-mail updates to the employee relating to the query. If you do not use E-Verify, this information is currently not used for any purpose. However, you must still allow the employee to input an e-mail address if he or she would like to do so. If the employee opts not to provide an e-mail address, he or she should indicate “N/A” in this field.

The Challenge Question:

Why is there an e-mail address field on the I-9? I'm looking at the new Form I-9 that we started using in May (2013), and it has a place for my employees to list their e-mail addresses. Why is this field on the I-9?

a. To help you get in touch with the employee if corrections to the I-9 are needed.

b. So that E-Verify can contact the employee in the event of a Tentative Nonconfirmation.

c. So that the government can send the employee updates about the E-Verify program.


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