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(d) is the correct answer. Section 611 (15 USC 1681i(f)(3)(B)) requires telephonic notification (which means you, as a reseller, should document your efforts to comply with this requirement). This appears to be the only place in the FCRA where a specific type of communication is required. If you do not have the telephone number for the consumer, you should contact your end user and try to obtain this information. This is a potential hidden trap for CRAs related to their reseller activities. The following is the specific language from the Statute.

CRA, Inc. runs a credit report on an applicant for XYZ Company. The applicant files a dispute directly with TransUnion, who then sends the results to CRA. CRA did not even know there was a reinvestigation going on and has no reinvestigation file. What should CRA do with the results sent to it by TransUnion?

a. Notify XYZ of the results, explaining that the applicant disputed the issue directly with TransUnion.

b. Call the applicant immediately to advise of the results.

c. Notify the applicant of the results, sending a cover letter explaining what was done, sending a copy of the report, and the FCRA Summary of Rights.

d. All of the above.

e. (a) and (c)


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