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Answer: (a) Under Nevada Revised Statute Section 179B.270, employers typically may not use the sex offender registry information for employment or housing purposes via the Community Notification Website. There is no restriction to using the National Sex Offender Database or county databases. California’s statute also has a prohibition. However, the California courts have held that CRAs may report sex offender information. Mendoza v. ADP Screening, 182 Cal App. 4th 1644 (2010).

Question: ABC, Inc. conducts background checks for its employee applicants. ABC conducts business in the following states and makes hires in each of them: California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. Which states have a prohibition on reporting sex offender registry information?

a. California and Nevada

b. California, Arizona and Nevada

c. California and Utah

d. California, Nevada and Oregon


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