Volume 9, Edition 11, Novemberr 2013

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Answer: (E) A CRA must communicate “all relevant information regarding the dispute.” Telling ABC simply “A” does not direct it to where they should go to verify the disputed information. By providing A and C, ABC knows what is being disputed and where to direct their investigation: Sam Jones. He is the person who can confirm or deny the consumer’s position. If the consumer presents an email to the CRA, that he received from Mr. Jones, then the CRA must provide a copy of the email or a full description of it to ABC as well.

You, as the CRA, conducted an investigative consumer report on a potential employee for XYZ Company. In that report you state that a prior employer, ABC Company, indicated that they would not re-hire the individual because he failed to give a two week notice. The potential employee, after receiving a pre-adverse action notice from XYZ Company, disputes this information and states that his direct supervisor, Sam Jones, at ABC Company told him to just go on home after he gave his two-week notice. You conduct a reinvestigation and contact ABC Company. What do you tell ABC Company?

A. Notify them that the consumer (potential employee) disputes the failure to give notice.

B. Notify them that the consumer says that he is eligible for rehire.

C. Notify them that the consumer said that his supervisor Sam Jones told him to leave before the end of the two-week notice.

D. Notify them that the consumer was allowed to quit early after giving notice.

E. A & C

F. A & D


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