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Why Firms Fall Prey to Dishonest Job Seekers

According to Mr. Kannan Chettiar, managing director Avvanz, fake educational qualifications are on the rise globally. The company has, in fact, seen a 10 percent year-on-year increase in education discrepancies over the last three years. Chettiar wonders if the pandemic-induced recession has been to blame, with more job seekers submitting fake degrees to secure jobs. For a couple of dollars and access to technology, he added, anyone can get a fake degree certificate. Fake degrees from fake universities can be easy to spot, but those from unaccredited institutions present another problem since they offer programs to unwitting students who spend time and money on qualifications that, in the end, mean nothing. Some job seekers, on the other hand, present forged certificates from real universities, so it’s important to run a background check through a trusted third-party venue.


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