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The Pinocchio Factor is Alive and Well with Job Applicants

According to Checkster, an alarming 78 percent of applicants misrepresent themselves and 66 percent of hiring managers are willing to accept these lapses in ethics. Specifically, 60 percent of applicants claim mastery in skills they have basic knowledge of and 50 percent reported working at some jobs longer in order to omit an employer. In another survey by Office Team, it was determined that 51 percent of men reported knowing someone who had lied on their resume, while 39 percent of women affirmed the same. Common mispresented information includes job experience, job duties, education, and employment dates. Although the Checkster study revealed that “hiring managers said that faking references is the worst thing a job applicant could do …” they are most lenient about inflating GPA by more than half a point, with 92 percent reporting they would still hire the person. Younger hiring managers were found to be less strict when it came to their older colleagues. The findings highlight two challenges for employers: 1. To identify applicants that are misrepresenting their background and 2. Once identified, determining the appropriate action for the organization to take.


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