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March 3, 2015

The Magnificent Seven: The Coming Trends that Will Impact Background Screening

My preparation for each month’s edition of The Background Buzz involves reading hundreds of articles and publications that deal with hiring, recruiting, talent management and acquisition; numerous newspapers from around the world, business journals, blogs of every sort you can imagine and management publications.
I have distilled projections down to seven key trends. Conspicuously absent from my top trends are some items that are, in my opinion, inherently obvious:

• The first is the binge that we are currently on with class action lawsuits for FCRA violations.
• The second issue that is becoming ubiquitous is the march to use mobile technology.

My magnificent seven trends are a mixture of good news and bad news for firms involved in conducting background checks. The good news is that a number of the trends track with the growth in the job market which will feed an increase in the demand for background screening services. The bad news is that the background screening industry is a mature industry and it is only a matter of time before emerging technologies will arrive that will cause catastrophic change in the industry. We are starting to get a glimpse into some of the potential technologies that could wreak havoc, however, if history bares any witness, it is most likely to be something that none of us saw coming.

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