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The Top 10 Reasons Why Social Media Background Checks are a Dumb Idea

According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, 70 percent of employers are using social media to screen potential candidates. But despite the fact that the practice is widespread, it doesnt come without its setbacks. These include: social media background checks dont predict on-the-job performance, a non-standardized process produces inconsistent results, discriminatory information will be seen and […]

What is Considered Sexually Explicit in a Social Media Hiring Report?

With social media now providing an expansive amount of shared information, it is important for individuals to consider what could be deemed an inappropriate post to a potential employer. It is always important for employers to consider the context in other words, a sexually explicit social media post that is meant to evoke sexual pleasure […]

Social Media Background Screening

For clinical research associates (CRAs), social media provides an expansive amount of shared information, giving employers another tool when considering a potential candidate. No other background screening gives employers the kind of real-time behavioral data that social media does, but one must consider the legal, procedural and ethical ramifications. But with a few considerations such […]

Why It’s a Mistake to Rely on a ‘Social-Media Background Check’

Despite the easy access to information offered on social media sites, using these personal accounts for human resources reasons presents a variety of issues for employers. Although social media will provide a glimpse into a person’s personality and paint a picture of the individual, nothing beats the benefits of a traditional interview process. A more […]

Social Media Background Checks in the Law Enforcement Industry

With the heavy weight of responsibilities on the shoulders of those in law enforcement industry, it is important for hiring managers to thoroughly screen potential employees. Law enforcement has been making headlines for the past few months after a traffic stopped turned violent in Georgia. The incident of the brutal beating was shared through multiple […]

Social Media Background Checks in the Healthcare Industry

Social media hiring reports can be a particularly good fit for those in the healthcare industry due to the high level of critical care for clients and patients. The healthcare sector was recently in the spotlight thanks to a Denver anesthesiologist who was forced to resign from her position after posting a racial slur on […]

Social Media Background Checks in the Finance Industry

What started as a focus in the healthcare and law enforcement industries has turned into an exploration of the relevance of social media checks in other job areas. The finance industry is an area in which employees have a daily impact on people’s livelihoods. One mortgage loan services officer could have blocked a large number […]

Survey: HR Execs Split on if Social Media Impacts Hiring

Untitled Document In a poll of 100 human resources executives, 60 percent confirmed that they either always or sometimes check candidates’ social media activity, but only 6 percent said that activity has a significant impact on their hiring decision. The survey, conducted in April by global outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc., found that […]

Seyfarth Shaw’s Social Media Privacy Legislation Desktop Reference

Seyfarth’s Social Media Practice Group has prepared an easy-to-use “Social Media Privacy Legislation Desktop Reference,” as a starting point to formulating guidance when these issues arise. The Desktop Reference:Describes the content and purpose of the laws; Delivers a detailed state-by-state description of each law; Provides an easy-to-use chart listing on one axis the states that […]

Study: Employers May Be Using Social Media to Discriminate

According to a new study from Carnegie Mellon University, employers may be using their social media research of potential applicants to discriminate. Using fake profiles on popular social networking sites, the researchers found that Muslim applicants were less likely to be called back for an interview than applicants with a profile suggesting they were Christian. […]

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