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Citizens Group Calls for Temple Terrace Mayor to Resign Over Diploma Mill Ph.D.

Temple Terrace mayor Mel Jurado was asked to resign at an October City Council meeting after questions were raised regarding two college degrees. A Tampa Bay Times investigation report published that month said that the mayor received her doctorate from unaccredited La Salle University in Mandeville, La., a diploma mill that was shut down by […]

Samsonite CEO Steps Down After His Credentials are Questioned

Samsonite CEO Ramesh Tainwala recently resigned after a research report issued by short-seller Blue Orca said he falsely claimed on his resume that he earned a doctorate in business administration from Union Institute and University in Cincinnati. Samsonite called the report one-sided and misleading, but will replace Tainwala with CFO Kyle Gendreau. Read more

Fake Doctor Tricks Staffing Firms into Giving Him Assignments

Vishal Patel, 30, of Glen Allen, Va., posed as a doctor using fraudulent information to land assignments through medical companies. One of those assignments was to work as an independent contractor physician for a free clinic in Newport News, VA., where he saw nearly two dozen patients before he was terminated. Arrested on charges of […]

The insider threat – HR Leader how will you respond?

“HR leaders who don’t take a proactive, holistic approach to cyber-security are on the back foot,” says Deloitte’s Bill Windle It’s a celebrated fact that technology continues to place unprecedented power in the hands of individuals. However, this can be a double-edged sword for organizations. Research consistently finds that malicious insider acts – where an […]

American University of London Sells Study-free MBA

A so-called university, The American University of London (AUOL), sold an MBA degree £4,500 to a fictitious person with no academic work required, a BBC Newsnight investigation has revealed. AUOL has insisted it is “not a bogus university” and defended the robustness of the qualifications it offers. AUOL styles itself as a pioneer of distance […]

The Not So Magnificent Seven: Executives That Lied on their CV

With resume lies on the rise, here’s a round-up of some of the highest profile executives who’ve made “mistakes” in their CVs. Here’s a list of businessmen who’ve inflated their resumes to gain advantage in the corporate world. Scott Thompson, CEO of Yahoo! Ronald Zarrella, CEO of Bausch & Lomb David Edmondson, CEO of RadioShack Jack […]

Retailers Use Employee-theft Databases to Combat Shrink

To counteract big losses from employee theft, some loss prevention experts in the retail industry are turning to mammoth databases to track employees accused of stealing retail merchandise. While information and background check companies are the custodians of the information, it is retailers themselves who amass the data and submit it to such companies when […]

Three Quarters of Applicants Have Already Lied to You

It could be embellishing a former job title, talking-up responsibilities or even fudging qualifications – you name it, an applicant has done it. The problem is it’s happening more often than many employers realize. According to one background check firm, as many as 75% of resumes contain an inaccuracy. Some are fairly minor in nature, […]

New Study Offers Tips to Combat ‘Sweethearting’

A first-of-its-kind study on “sweethearting”–a form of employee theft when the employee gives away products or services for free or at a discount–claims traditional mitigation strategies used by loss prevention professionals often don’t work. The study’s authors approached sweethearting from a marketing perspective, aiming to expose the “dark side” of the practice that hadn’t been […]

Many Employees Would Sell Corporate Information, Finds Study

A recent SailPoint Market Pulse survey of more than 3,400 employees in the United States, Great Britain and Australia, found that many are willing to disclose classified, sensitive, or proprietary corporate information after they have resigned or been laid off. SailPoint is a market-leading identity governance solution company that helps the world’s largest organizations to […]

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