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E-verify is Supposed to Stop Undocumented Employment. It Could Also Harm Legal Workers.

Almost everyone expects mandatory electronic employment verification to be part of any immigration reform law that reaches President Obama’s desk. But critics say the system could create headaches for hundreds of thousands of Americans who do have authorization to work in the United States. Under the current rules, if E-Verify says you’re not authorized to […]

National Restaurant Association Survey Indicates Support for E-Verify Mandate

A new survey by the National Restaurant Association indicates there is growing support among business operators regarding the E-Verify mandate. The survey, which was conducted in partnership with ImmigrationWorks USA, found that 80% of restaurant operators who use E-Verify would recommend it to a colleague, and about 66% said they would use it voluntarily. Additionally, […]

I-94 Automation Makes Life Easy for Form I-9 Process

Last August, when U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officially announced it was automating the I-94 process, many of us were unsure of the impact on foreign nationals and on employers during the Form I-9 verification process. After months of anticipation, CBP has published the official details in the Federal Register. Part of I-94 automation […]

G8’s Immigration Bill Shakes Up E-Verify, I-9 and More!

The Senate’s “Gang of Eight” Senators have released its comprehensive immigration reform bill entitled, the “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013.” Congress wants to implement the E-Verify program on a mandatory, national basis and the bill proposes employers enroll according to a specified timeline, which is contingent on DHS publishing regulations. […]

Congress Loves E-Verify: Grants $111 Million Funding, Conducts Research Study

Last month, both houses of Congress agreed to grant USCIS an additional $111 million dollars to fund the E-Verify Program. H.R. 933 is currently enrolled in the House of Representatives and has yet to be signed off by the President. To be fair, the E-Verify Program isn’t the only program receiving funding. H.R. 933 would […]

The Form I-9 Gets a Make-Over

With the passage of the Immigration Reform and Control Act, since November 6, 1986, all employers throughout the U.S., small or large, have been obliged to complete a form I-9 to record identity and work authorization documents for every new hire. The government has released six major editions of the I-9 form and on March […]

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