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New York Assembly Introduces the Biometric Privacy Act

In early January, the Biometric Privacy Act was proposed by bipartisan lawmakers, which would require entities that possess biometric information or identifiers to obtain specific consumer consent for collecting, capturing, purchasing, or training such information, and would be privately actionable, as well. Written policies would need to be developed by those who possess biometric information […]

Illinois Privacy Law Forces $650 Million Class Action Settlement

Facebook has been ordered to pay $650 million for its violations of the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA). Under the settlement, the nearly 1.6 million Illinois class members will receive at least $345. The suit, which was originally filed in 2015, claimed that Facebook’s practice of tagging people in photos using facial recognition without […]

Proceeding with Biometric Caution: Illinois Courts to Decide Critical BIPA Issues

Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) has opened the door for a whole new set of class actions, with employees asserting that employers violate the Act by utilizing timekeeping systems that require employee fingerprints, or other “biometric identifiers” or “biometric information.” Cases continue to increase into 2021 and several are worth keeping an eye on, […]

Minneapolis Becomes Latest City to Ban Use of Facial Recognition Technology

An ordinance has been passed by the Minneapolis City Council that prohibits the city from buying facial recognition technology or using any data derived from it. It also creates a process for city departments to request additional permitted uses of facial recognition programs and data through an exception process. The ordinance, however, does not include […]

New York Proposes Biometric Privacy Act with Private Right of Action

Assembly Bill 27 – or Biometric Privacy Act – proposed by a bipartisan group of New York State lawmakers, would impose significant compliance requirements for companies handling biometric data. New York would become only the second state with a private right of action that includes statutory damages against entities that improperly use or retain biometric […]

New ID and Biometrics Advisory Board, Ethical AI Alliance Formed by Global Organization

An Identity and Biometric Technology Advisory Board (IBTAB) has been formed by The Security Industry Association (SIA), with a mission “to promote the advancement and adoption of innovative biometric and digital identification solutions to secure critical assets, protect individual identity, safeguard propriety data and enhance the consumer experience.” The panel, which initially consists of Clear, […]

Digital ID Verification Increasingly Targeted by AI Deepfakes, Advisory Warns

According to Gemini Advisory, digital ID verification is attracting new threats in the form of advanced deepfake software found on the dark web. While this is nothing new, the demand is on the rise as banks and other financial services are relying more and more on digital ID verification through selfies and videos to secure […]

Facial Recognition and Other Biometrics Targeted in Data Privacy Legislation, But What Will Feds Do?

A new bill, The Washington Privacy Act (SB5062), which was sent to the state’s senate, addresses geolocation data and certain biographic characteristics, as well as the use of biometrics for ad targeting. The new bill places enforcement of the privacy measures with the state attorney general and also directs the state privacy office and attorney […]

FTC Requires App Developer to Obtain Users’ Express Consent for Use of Facial Recognition

Everalbum, the developer of the photo storage application Ever, has agreed to a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) settlement that will require the business to 1. Obtain users’ express consent before using facial recognition technology on users’ photos and videos, 2. Delete or destroy all facial recognition data collected from users who have not provided consent, […]

FTC Declares Facial Recognition Surveillance Tech Dangerous, Warns Against Federal Privacy Pre-Emption

The United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued a proposed settlement with Paravision, which Law Street reports to be its first focused on the misuse of the biometric technology, and taking a position against federal privacy laws pre-empting existing state legislation. According to a tweet posted by FTC Commissioner Rohit Chopra, “today’s facial recognition […]


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