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Court: Wisconsin Must Expunge Criminal Records from Database

Centering around the case of Demonta Antonio Hall of Milwaukee, the Wisconsin Department of Justice must expunge arrest records of people who aren’t charged from its criminal database. Hall was arrested in 2015 for possession of an electronic weapon, but he was not charged by prosecutors. At the time, he had an outstanding warrant for […]

Employers Are Still Avoiding Former Inmates

Thirty-five states and more than 150 cities, including the District of Columbia, have created “ban the box” policies, restricting employers from asking a job applicant about his criminal history. But under the Fair Criminal Record Screening Amendment Act (FCRSA), which was passed in D.C. in 2014, employers can ask about criminal convictions – not charges […]

Inmate eLearning for Post Incarceration Employment in the Gig Economy

A partnership between corrections technology company GTL and vocational training company VirtualiaNet could be the source of a whole new wave of skilled workers needed in today’s increasingly tight labor market. The project could bring skills training to inmates across the nation in the form of eLearning to become freelancers in the rising gig economy. […]

Utah Lawmaker Proposes ‘Clean Slate’ Law to Automatically Wipe Away Nonviolent Criminal Records

Although thousands of Utahns are eligible to have their records cleared, only a small percentage apply, some never moving forward with seeing the process through to the end. Utah’s current expungement process is not only time-consuming, but costly, too, however, the director of the Salt Lake County Criminal Justice Advisory Council, Noella Sudbury, is behind […]

The Many Pros and Fewer-Than-Expected Cons of Hiring Ex-Cons

The topic of hiring the 626,000 people released from prison every year in response to the 3.9 percent unemployment rate is sparking passionate debate in offices across the United States. With both positive and negative stories regarding the hiring of ex-cons, global background check and identity screening company InfoMart offers a few thoughts on the […]

New York State Contractor Is Said To Threaten Privacy Of Millions With Outsourcing

The lease on an Albany warehouse holding fingerprint records and other personal information collected from 22 million people was about to expire, and the state needed to digitize the files. The contract for the job required that employees responsible for scanning the records pass background checks and protect the security of the documents. Focused Technologies […]

Gov. Nixon Signs Executive Order To “Ban The Box” In State Employment

Gov. Jay Nixon visited the St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment to sign Executive Order 16-04, to lessen barriers to individuals with criminal histories attempting to enter the workforce, lower recidivism rates and improve public safety. The executive order will “ban the box” in state employment by placing questions relating to criminal history later […]

Proposed Amendments To Fair Credit Reporting Act

Two new bills affecting credit reporting and the use of credit reports for employment purposes are working their way through Congress. If passed, the bills would amend the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The first, The Credit Access and Inclusion Act of 2015, H.R. 4172, would allow for increased reporting of customer payment information by […]

Uber Settles Lawsuit With San Francisco and Los Angeles Over Driver Background Checks

Uber agreed to pay up to $25 million to settle a 2014 lawsuit filed by city officials in San Francisco and Los Angeles who argued that the ride service gave customers a “false sense of security” by touting its background checks as the toughest in the industry. The suit, brought by San Francisco District Attorney […]

Wisconsin Employers Targeted for Technical Violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Within the past year, one Wisconsin resident has filed several class-action lawsuits against Wisconsin employers. In each case, the plaintiff filed a class-action lawsuit against the employer in Wisconsin federal court on the grounds that the employers had violated the FCRA by not providing a proper disclosure. In both cases, the defendants moved to dismiss […]


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