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Many people with a criminal record have made a single mistake. For millions, that mistake was shoplifting, passing a bad check, or having an argument turn into a fight. Nearly one-third of the adult working-age population has a criminal record, and because of a single mistake, they will face huge obstacles to achieving gainful employment. […]

Why Hiring People with Criminal Records Encourages True Diversity

According to research, one in three adults in America has a criminal record, and employers who look over this population could be missing out on employees who have the potential to transform their perspectives and increase their profits. Hiring those with a criminal background not only has the potential to allow employers to decrease bias […]

Give Job Applicants with Criminal Records a Fair Chance

Businesses have an opportunity to address racism by implementing a practice called fair chance hiring, which is based on the premise that everyone, regardless of background, has the right to be fairly assessed for a role they are qualified for. While it is true that black men are incarcerated at more than five times the […]

How We’re Humanizing the Background Check Process with Candidate Stories

Checkr’s Candidate Stories, a human-focused feature, is allowing the stories of those with criminal records to be told. According to the company, one-third of Americans have a criminal record and those released from prison each year face significant challenges when applying for work. Without a job, those with a criminal background are more likely to […]

Ten Years for a Second Chance? New York’s Sealing Statute Lags Behind Other States

In 2019, 31 states and the District of Columbia enacted laws permitting criminal records to be sealed and, while New York was one of them, the state’s 10-year limitation caused the New York Crim. Proc. Law to remain severely underused. The rule seemed to prioritize simplicity over justice, with 10 years being the longest waiting […]

The Problem with ‘Clean Slate’ Policies: Could Broader Sealing of Criminal Records Hurt More People Than It Helps?

Advocates for the sealing of criminal records are pushing to expand the set of records eligible for sealing and to leverage technology to make sealing automatic – or the enactment of “Clean Slate” policies. While those in favor of these measures aim to create policies that will make it easier for people to have paid […]

Governor Roy Cooper Signs Executive Order to Improve Fair Hiring Practices at North Carolina State

An executive order has been signed by North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper that aims to implement fair chance policies at state agencies to increase employment opportunities for individuals with criminal records. The governor believes that “people who have made mistakes often deserve a second chance, and having a job helps turn lives around.” According to […]

This Algorithm Could Make It Easier for Over 73 Million Americans to Get Jobs

In an effort to make it possible for those arrested for or convicted of a crime in the past to secure employment, Teresa Hodge and her daughter, Laurin Leonard, founded Baltimore-based tech startup R3 Score, intended to provide detail and context for employers to make a more informed decision about their hires. Much like a […]

The 50 State Restoration of Rights Project

The Restoration of Rights Project is an online resource containing detailed state-by-state analyses of the law and practice in each U.S. jurisdiction relating to the restoration of rights and status following arrest or conviction. Jurisdictional “profiles” cover areas such as loss and restoration of civil rights and firearms rights, judicial and executive mechanisms for avoiding […]

Sealing Criminal Records – The Basics

Although the majority of criminal convictions in Illinois are sealable, including Class X felonies, some are not, including driving under the influence; reckless and aggravated reckless driving; domestic battery; violations of orders of protection; sex crimes; and crimes against animals. But records can only be sealed once the sentence has ended and three years have […]


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