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How Human Resource Professionals View the Use and Effectiveness of Background Screening Methods

In an increasingly global economy, employers are rightfully placing a premium on the safety of employees and the community. Employers continue to utilize professional background checks at a near universal rate, according to a newly released survey from the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). The second annual survey gauging the views of HR […]

CBS ‘Barometer for Screening Best Practice’

Want to know what others are doing when it comes to employee background screening, and how your current approach shapes up when it comes to employing best screening practices? Weve created the CBS Barometer For Best Screening Practice whitepaper to help you understand: The level of investment UK businesses are making in background screening Investments […]

All Industry Background Screening Benchmarking Report

In the past, GIS’ Benchmarking Reports have covered a variety of hiring trends, from scope of searches to effect of recent legislation and beyond. Our 2017 All Industry Background Screening Benchmarking Report took a different approach to the survey based on what weve found to be the most important factors to hiring program administrators. The […]


When it comes to background screening, drug testing and employment verification, human resource professionals and employment attorneys must keep pace with ever-changing rules, regulations, laws and more. What are the trends facing the industry for 2017, and what will have the greatest impact on the practice of human resources related to background screening? Here are […]

GIS’ 2017 Retail Industry Background Screening Benchmarking Report

The 2017 Report provides retailers of all types valuable insight into the hiring processes of their competitors, helping them and their background screening processes remain competitive. “With the high turnover rate of the retail sector, businesses want to ensure that they are protecting their employees and assets without making too large of an investment.” Read […]

2017 All Industry Background Screening Benchmarking Report

Our GIS surveyed a widely varied pool of employers to generate the 2017 All Industry Background Screening Benchmarking Report which focuses heavily on the types of checks performed on specific types of positions, as well as a brief overview of the scope of the service. Read more

2017 HireRights Employment Screening Benchmark Report

HireRight released their 10th Employment Screening Benchmark Report. The report explores key issues, trends, and underlying business drivers affecting background check programs in U.S. organizations and compares these findings over the last decade. Read More

2017 – Sterling Talent Solutions Background Screening Trends Report

Sterling Talent Solutions surveyed 500+ U.S.-based employers on their use of background checks to gain key insights on emerging trends, technology and more. According to the survey, the consensus among organizations is that background screening is a critical business component and more than just a commodity. Read More

Rooting Out Jerks Is More Important Than Hiring Superstars, New Study Shows

Firing your worst employee is worth more than twice as much as hiring a superstar, claims new Harvard research. “While a top 1% worker might return $5,303 in cost savings to a company through increased output, avoiding a toxic hire will net an estimated $12,489.” And those figures don’t even include the costs incurred if […]

Survey  Results and Trend Reports on Background Checks

A collection of the annual background screening trend, benchmarking reports and employers background screening practices surveys from around the world.

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