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Background Screening Best Practices: In Search of Excellence in Background Screening

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Top Questions HR Managers Ask About PBSA’s Accreditation Program

The Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) offers an accreditation program for US background screening firms. The accreditation process includes a written protocol that addresses 68 different specific practices. To earn the accreditation a firm must demonstrate initial and ongoing compliance with the accreditation standard. Compliance is demonstrated through rigorous desk and on-site audits, all of […]

The National Criminal Database Search – What Does It Really Get You?

The National Criminal Database search is one of the most common components found in background screening packages today.  In fact, most companies want to have a Social Security Number (SSN) Trace, County Criminal searches, and a National Criminal Database search as a starting point for their base package. Read more

Should Employers Consider Workers with a Criminal Record? A Look at Second Chances.

You may be surprised to learn that there are millions of individuals with a prior criminal history living and working in society. They have served their time, have rehabilitated themselves and become productive members of society contributing to their communities instead of consuming limited resources. According to federal Bureau of Justice statistics, nearly 700,000 individuals […]

Medical Monitoring Compliance Requirement

Why is Medical Monitoring Mandated? Organizations that receive funding from Medicaid and others must check for exclusions no less frequently than monthly. State Medicaid agencies are required to terminate the participation of any individual or entity if such individual or entity has been terminated or excluded under Medicare or any other State or Federal Medicaid […]

Make Sure Your Background Screening Program Has Value

If you ask yourself what’s the most important thing a screening provider can offer, it may be somewhat difficult to name a single attribute. Instead, you probably would name common items such as compliance, price, accuracy, turnaround times, and of course, customer service. To put it in context, when it comes to background screening value […]

Employers Beware – Background Screening Compliance is Your Responsibility Too

Did you know … Employers have compliance obligations during the background screening process at the national, state, and local levels? Not understanding those obligations can cost your company quite a bit of money in fines and lawsuits? In the age of electronic applications, most background screening vendors provide the electronic forms, but do not ensure […]

Best Practice Guide for Choosing a Background Screening Partner

The crucial task of selecting a trustworthy background screening partner can be a difficult one, and options continue to grow as the industry expands and technology evolves. Your background screening partner is a key component of your talent screening and selection process, so finding the right partner with the right fit for your screening program […]

The Importance of NAPBS Background Screening Accreditation Program

There are two ways to look at the importance of background screening accreditation as your company seeks a source of the information required for workplace and housing safety, for example, and for protection of its reputation if the occasional unavoidable error occurs. The first way to view accreditation is an assurance that a background screening […]

Being Accredited: What Does It Really Mean and Why Is It So Important to Utilize a Background Vendor Who Is

Being accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) means that employers can trust the vendor has conformed its processes and procedures to adhere to the highest professional standards in the industry. In addition, the accreditation also serves as a seal of approval, as those who are accredited must meet trackable and auditable […]

Why You Should Choose a NAPBS Accredited Background Screening Provider

With online access to official documents becoming easier than ever before, theres been an explosion of new background screening providers looking to take advantage of what seems like a simple industry. Though competition fuels growth in any industry, not every player in background screening has shown the dedication to reliability and accuracy as their peers. […]


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