Rinse and Repeat: Re-Screening as Part of Your Hiring and Retention Procedures

You invest time and money in pre-employment background checks to ensure you know who you’re hiring. But what if something were to happen after the person was hired, how would you know? While many employers rely on self-reporting policies, you may only find out there’s a problem when it’s too late. Take into consideration that while it is obviously very valuable to know what is in a person’s record before you hire them, it is just as important to find out what may be going on behind the scenes after you’ve put your company’s reputation on the line – and after you have given them access to valuable resources and proprietary information. And this applies across all aspects of the background screening spectrum. In thinking through your own screening procedures, consider an annual re-screen – better yet, arrange for a “set it and forget it” schedule with your background screening company. In a set-up like this, your key individuals would be re-screened automatically in the Third Quarter of each year.

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