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To Boost Gender Pay Equity, Chicagos Emanuel Bans City Departments from Asking Job Applicants for Salary History

As part of a growing effort nationwide to improve pay equality between men and women, applicants for jobs in Chicago can no longer be asked about their salary history. An executive order recently signed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel comes as Illinois lawmakers consider two competing pieces of legislation that aim to close the wage gap […]

Appeals Court Says Prior Salary Doesnt Justify Pay Differences

Federal appeals court recently ruled that an employees salary history is insufficient to justify pay differences between male and female employees. The Equal Pay Act, adopted in 1963, requires employers to pay men and women the same salary for equal work, but it does provide four exceptions: a seniority system, a merit system, a system […]

Swimming Against the Tide, Michigan Forbids Salary History Bans Statewide

Michigans governor recently signed a bill that forbids localities from adopting salary history bans. The Bill, Senate Bill 353, prohibits local governments from adopting rules regulating the information that an employer or potential employer must request or exclude on an application for employment or during an interview process. While the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and […]

Salary History Question Off Limits on Job Applications: What Should Employers Do to Stay Compliant?

California recently joined a growing number of cities and states to pass a law that bans salary history questions. Prompted by concerns about gender- and race-based wage discrimination, the law is designed to prevent employers from using past compensation as a basis for current salary and benefits negotiations with job applicants. According to the U.S. […]

Californias Salary History Ban Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

As of January 2018, California employees are required to comply with California Labor Code Section 432.3, which prohibits employers from asking job applicants about their salary histories, including compensation and benefits, both personally and through an agent. Applicants may still voluntarily and without prompting disclose their own salary history information. Employers are not prohibited from […]

States and Cities Line Up to Ban Salary History Questions

While the laws regarding asking job applicants about their salary histories vary between jurisdictions, they generally aim to prevent employers from asking salary-related questions or from screening job candidates based on salary histories until after an offer is formally made. Some laws include the prohibition of contacting an applicants former company without the candidates written […]

Salary History: To Ask or Not to Ask?

A recent Glassdoor survey has revealed that 53 percent of respondents believed employers should not ask applicants about their current or past compensation. While many states and cities have passed laws prohibiting such information from being requested, employers should ask themselves whether knowing such details impede the process of making an informed decision. Digging into […]

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