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Employee Theft: The Largest Source of Shrink in North America

The Centre for Retail Research’s Global Retail Theft Barometer for 2011 (GRTB 2011) report surveyed more than 4,500 retail corporations in 43 countries found employee theft to be the greatest shrinkage problem in North and Latin America. Shrink or unaccounted for merchandise in a store’s inventory is higher (almost 7%) worldwide according to the Theft […]

Retailers Track Employee Thefts in Vast Databases

Facing a wave of employee theft, retailers have amassed vast databases of workers accused of stealing and use the information to keep employees from working again in the industry. The repositories of information often contain scant details about suspected thefts and routinely do not involve criminal charges, but the information can be enough to ruin […]

23rd Annual Retail Theft Survey

Shoplifters and dishonest employees stole over $7 billion in 2010 from just 23 major retailers, according to the 23 rd Annual Retail Theft Survey conducted by Jack L. Hayes International, the leading loss prevention and inventory shrinkage control consulting firm. The 23 large retail companies surveyed apprehended more than 1 million shoplifters and dishonest employees […]

The 3 Types of Insider Threat

Anyone with privileged access to classified, sensitive, or proprietary data has the potential to become an “insider threat” to companies. The idea of insiders has haunted the minds of security professionals for centuries and, in today’s technology-driven society, the opportunities for insiders to distribute and transfer information outside of the company have only multiplied. While […]

Assessing Risk: Data Breach Litigation in U.S. Courts

Along with the growth of electronic consumer databases, there has been an increase in the numbers of data breaches. A June 2011 Ponemon Institute study revealed that 90 percent of surveyed companies had experienced a data breach within the past year.Companies may want to assess the level of risk posed by the possibility of litigation […]

Retail Industry Update – June 2012: Using Conviction Records as a Screening Tool

Many retailers believe that the best means of preventing internal theft is to hire honest employees who do not steal. Common sense dictates that applicants who have been convicted of crimes are less likely to be honest and more likely to steal. Even though this practice is facially race neutral, the resulting “adverse impact” makes […]

Workplace Fraud on the Rise – While Profits Slip Out the Back Door

Organizations around the world – both large corporations as well as small businesses – lose an estimated 5% of annual revenues to fraudulent activities, according to a study conducted by the Association of Certified Examiners (ACFE) with 42% of fraudsters being employees, 38% managers and 18% owner/executives. A great majority of this fraudulent activity occurs […]

Fraud Prevention in a Bad Economy

Recently the Kansas City Business Journal reported on an intriguing study about the importance of corporate image. In light of heightened concern about ethical standards and conduct in the business and professional world, Fleishman Hillard, a public relations firm, and the World Economic Forum, surveyed 132 delegates about corporate reputation. Seventy-seven percent of the business […]

Internal Fraud on the Rise

The level of corporate fraud committed by insiders has increased for the second year in a row, according to figures from the Kroll Advisory Solutions Global Fraud Report. The report revealed that company employees committed 67% of corporate frauds in 2011, up from 54% a year earlier.Less than two-thirds (63%) of European companies were knowingly […]

Forrester: Most Data Breaches Caused by Employees

Most data breaches are caused by mundane events such as employees losing, having stolen or simply unwittingly misusing corporate assets, a Forrester Research report has found.After questioning over 7,000 IT executives and ordinary employees across North America and Europe, 31% cited simple loss or theft as the explanation for data breaches they had experienced, ahead […]

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