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UK-based Intelligent Fingerprinting, developers of the worlds first portable fingerprint drug test, have secured $2.1 million of funding from a group of private US and UK investors to accelerate commercialization of its Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening System. The solution can detect drugs and drug metabolites in less than 10 minutes. The system features a single-use […]

You Cant Replace Your Fingerprints

Technology research firm Gartner has estimated that 30 percent of companies will be using biometric identification on their employees, but this identification option is not as safe or foolproof as one may believe. When a gym, mobile phone company and doctor all have biometric details and those systems become hacked, remediation of the problem will […]

Colorado Could Require Fingerprinting of Doctors, Nurses, Even Vets

In order to be licensed in Colorado, a new bill could require about 160,000 medical professionals to undergo fingerprint-based background checks. The state is one of just six that doesn’t require fingerprint checks for doctors and one of five that exempt nurses from the practice. The proposed legislation would require licensure applicants to pay for […]

Oklahoma Law Requiring Fingerprint-Based Background Checks for Nursing Home Employees in Effect

Elderly persons are among the most vulnerable citizens and often face abuse and neglect while living in a nursing home. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that approximately 22 percent of nursing home residents are subjected to abuse and 21 percent are neglected. But The Oklahoma Long Term Care Security Act, which took effect at […]

Proposal Would Force All Kansas Teachers to be Fingerprinted

A new plan to require criminal background checks for all Kansas educators is generating a lot of buzz across the state. The proposal would require teachers to be fingerprinted in order to renew their teaching licenses. For teachers who were hired after 2002, the plan doesn’t involve anything new for them. Fingerprints have been part […]

Fingerprints and Photos Could be Part of Background Check Record

Many jobs require background checks on applicants, including for those who would have direct contact with vulnerable adults. However, as more data on the individual is required and as technology advances, state agency policies regarding secure storage and data destruction need revision. Rep. Tina Liebling (DFL-Rochester, pictured) sponsors HF2467 that would allow the Department of […]

Background Checks Taking Longer, Costing More

Randy Decker, executive director of human resources for Edmond Public Schools, said the turn-around time for background checks is taking much longer than it should and the checks are costing much more than they have in the past. Senate Bill 2199 passed in 2010 mandated that national criminal history record checks (fingerprints) on all new […]

State Pushing for Federal Background Checks at Daycares

A CBS Atlanta News investigation revealed that 24,000 daycare workers in Georgia are on the job without having undergone a federal background check. A local background check is currently all that is required by the state. Kellen Stennett, owner of The Goddard School in Buckhead, said that he believes the state should require more thorough […]

Bill Proposes Fingerprinting

Oklahoma schools could increase school safety and security by expanding the use of fingerprint background checks of adults who regularly interact with students, according to one state lawmaker. House Bill 2228, by state Rep. Joe Dorman, would allow schools to authorize fingerprint background checks on anyone interacting with students in school-sponsored activities, including volunteers. Currently, […]

National Institute of Justice Publishes Fingerprint Sourcebook

The Department of Justice’s National Institute of Justice (NIJ) today published The Fingerprint Sourcebook, a comprehensive examination of the science behind fingerprint identification that will serve as a definitive resource for experts in the field. Written by more than 50 law enforcement and forensic experts worldwide, The Fingerprint Sourcebook consists of 15 chapters covering: the […]

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