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5 Things to Know About Conducting Background Checks in Texas

Here are five things you need to know about conducting background checks in Texas. 1. Best place to find criminal records in Texas: The county/district courts. 2. Everything is big in Texas (except for the size of its state criminal database): Don’t rely on the Texas Department of Public Safety Computerized Criminal History System (DPS) […]

2013 Employers Background Screening Survey Results

This year’s survey was conducted at the 2013 SHRM Annual Conference held in Chicago in June. We received a total of 376 completed surveys up from 325 last year. The key findings included: Once again, ‘timeliness, cost and accuracy’ were rated as the top three challenges that end users face with background screening in that […]

How Many People Fail Background Checks?

There are no national or official governmental statistics on the number of applicants who fail pre-employment background tests. Some background firms maintain their own numbers, while others publish their annual criminal “hit rates,” showing how many applicants subject to background screening had criminal records or other discrepancies. Background firms obviously benefit by pointing out to […]

Five Ways to Avoid Problems with Background Checks

Employers often want access to an applicant or employee’s criminal history. However, employers should be careful how they obtain and use criminal background information. Federal and state laws provide guidelines for requesting criminal history information and define when an employer may make an employment decision based on such information, including when information obtained in a […]

If Background Checks are Good Enough for Guns, They’re Good Enough for Jobs

Just because the majority of ex-cons are black, it doesn’t mean using background checks in employment decisions amounts to racial discrimination. The bottom line is that someone with an arrest history is a less desirable job candidate then a person without one. Just like someone who has committed a crime, or has a serious mental […]

Hiring 101: Background Checks

When appropriately used, background checks can be a powerful tool in making employment decisions. However, an employer that wants to obtain background checks from a consumer reporting agency must be cognizant of a number of laws that can limit when it may obtain a background check and how it may use the information revealed by […]

Common Sense and Effective HR Practices Need to Prevail in Screening Applicants

Recent EEOC hearings and the agency’s first lawsuit arising from screening practices have provided momentum to the federal government’s move to restrict background screening of applicants’ credit and criminal histories. EEOC Chairman Stuart Ishimaru has been a vocal critic of employee background checks, calling for the agency to issue guidelines on how to carry out […]

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