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Prepare for the Coming of the Privacy Police

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is employing its authority to regulate deceptive and unfair practices to go after companies that impinge on consumer privacy. The agency is also finding new ways to apply old laws to current practices. As the amount of online data about consumers multiplies, so does the number and sophistication of attackers […]

International Biometrics Privacy Charter

The Biometrics Institute launched its Biometrics Privacy Charter on November 30, 2011, during its 7th Biometrics Institute Technology Showcase and Exhibition in Canberra, Australia. The Charter is now available to all members. “This Biometrics Privacy Charter has been designed by the Biometrics Institute to provide a universal guide for suppliers, end users, managers and purchasers […]

Rockefeller Seeks Detailed Information from Data Brokers

The chairman of the powerful Senate Commerce Committee has sent letters to Reed-Elsevier (Lexis-Nexis), Spokeo, Experian and a half dozen other data brokers seeking detailed info on how they compile and sell consumer information. “Collecting, storing and selling information about Americans raises all types of questions that require careful scrutiny,” said Rockefeller. “While these practices […]

Maintaining Employee Privacy Across Jurisdictions

Companies need to be aware of their obligations under the profusion of data protection laws and regulations that govern the collection, use and transfer of their employees’ personal information. This is especially crucial for companies that have operations subject to the laws of multiple jurisdictions, as requirements vary widely from country to country and even […]

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