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As Privacy Shield Interest Increases, Organizations Await Review Results

The first annual review of the Privacy Shield framework was held this month. A marked increase in organizations saying they are already using or intend to use the Privacy Shield framework has been noted. The review revealed a 10% increase, up from just 34%, saying they will transfer personal data from the European Union (EU) […]

GDPR Awareness: 1 in 5 Businesses Claim a Fine Wouldn’t Bother Them

Trend Micro has revealed through a recent survey that C-suite executives are not as serious about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as they should be. The GDPR will take effect in May 2018 and the study has found that about 67 percent of businesses are unaware of the extent of GDPR fines, such as […]

The Intersection of US Litigation and EU Data Privacy Laws

Companies with operations in the European Union (EU) have been finding that the scope of discovery in litigation in the United States is in conflict with their obligations under laws implementing the EU Data Privacy Directive. In fact, most U.S. courts have found that the country’s interest in ensuring the disclosure of all relevant information […]

Beware of Fake Puerto Rican Birth Certificates

State employees in Massachusetts recently were busted for selling drivers’ licenses and state identification cards to illegal immigrants who bought Puerto Rican documents on the black market. The operation perpetuated voter fraud because some of the false identities and addresses were used to vote in Boston. While the number of false identities and addresses is […]

Opening Clause and GDPR: It Might Not Be as Easy as We Thought

The complexity surrounding the upcoming implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is based upon “opening clauses,” which permit a Member State to modify the provisions of the Article in which the clause resides. In other words, the Member State may introduce a more restrictive application of the GDPR obligation via local legislation. This […]


The Argentinian Data Protection Authority has approved Data Protection Standards for Ibero-American States.  The Standards  seek  to  address  the  lack  of harmonization  in  Ibero-American  states  regarding  data  protection  by  issuing  a  series  of  principles  and common rights to serve as a framework for the adoption and development of legislation in the region. The  Standards  provide  […]


The best way for organizations to prepare for the GDPR, according to Thymometrics, an employee engagement software firm based in Cambridge in the United Kingdom, is to ensure that HR is involved in the process. For example, Jerry Pett, CEO and co-founder of Thymometrics, suggested in a blog post that HR can prepare for compliance […]

Employer Privacy Policies: A How-To Guide

Five states, including Michigan, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Texas and New York, each have enacted statues that may require employers to create employee privacy policies. Employers who unlawfully disseminate an employee’s social security number face a fine of $500. In Michigan, $275,000 was awarded to a group of employees who sued their union after it failed to […]

Ten Tips for Addressing Employee Snooping of Personal Data

Without the proper safeguards in place, employee snooping can take place in any company, allowing access to personal data. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada has recommended that companies educate their employees by fostering a culture of privacy, having periodic training and reminders, and enforcing consequences. They should also protect by ensuring access […]

Five Steps to Protect Your Business from a Data Breach

Since the 1970s, the Federal Trade Commission has been the chief agency on privacy policy and enforcement through the Fair Credit Reporting Act to ensure that sensitive employee data remains safe and secure. According to the FTC, identity theft topped the national ranking of consumer complaints, with fake debt collection and impostor scams close behind. […]

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