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Georgia Bill Would Hide Arrest Information

A provision in sentencing reform legislation that would restrict public access to arrest records of people later cleared of charges has raised concerns among First Amendment proponents. House Bill 1176 includes an “expungement” provision that would streamline the way individuals cleared of criminal charges can get their records restricted from public view, provided a number […]

Dallas-Area Man, Erbie Lee Bowser, Arrested in Killings of 4 Women Had His RECORD WIPED CLEAN

Bowser had a history of domestic violence, but it isn’t in his criminal record because he completed the Dallas County court program for veterans in the summer of 2012. Bowser entered the Veterans Court after attacking Zina Bowser at their home on Galleria in January 2011. She had filed for divorce and wanted him to […]

Publicly Reporting Expunged Conviction Records Does Not Create Liability For Defamation

Publicly reporting expunged conviction records does not create liability for defamation if the information disclosed is true, according to the New Jersey Supreme Court . In the case, a political campaign publicized the expunged drug conviction of an opponent’s aide in a flyer. The Court ruled that defendants in this case were entitled to assert […]

State Destroying Online Court Records, Raising Debate Over Privacy, Consistency

Pennsylvania has removed millions of public records from a state court system website. State officials say they are treating the electronic copies like paper ones, which are destroyed after a certain period of time. Records of serious crimes are still kept for decades. Edward Spreha, a Harrisburg-based defense attorney, said the change would make it […]

Federal Grants to Expunge Criminal Convictions

Within the next two years, more than 5,000 U.S. minors and young adults could have their criminal records expunged with the help of $26 million in federal grants, which means that their future employers may never know about their convictions. Expungement removes from the justice system all information about criminal history-including fingerprints, trial records, and […]

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