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State “Ban the Box” Legislation Gains Momentum

The “ban the box” movement continues to sweep through state legislatures. Recent legislation in two states applies “ban the box” prohibitions to private employers in the state. On December 1, a new North Carolina law went into effect that prohibits employers from inquiring about arrests, charges or convictions that have been expunged. This prohibition applies […]

No Need For Businesses to Fear ‘Ban The Box’ Measure, Employment Attorney Says

Louisville has joined the ranks of cities to enact an ordinance prohibiting employers from asking job applicants about their criminal backgrounds. The bill applies only to the city and its private vendors. According to Tom Birchfield, a managing partner at Louisville-based Fisher and Phillips LLP law firm said, “I don’t think it is that big […]

Nationwide Efforts to “Ban the Box”

50 municipalities and 9 states have removed questions about criminal record from job applications, opting to ask later in interview process; a sign that the nationwide movement to reduce unfair barriers to employment for people with criminal records is gaining momentum. The commonsense ban-the-box policy postpones criminal history inquiries until later in the hiring process […]

Seattle Latest City to “Ban the Box” for Private Employers

On June 20, 2013, the Mayor of Seattle signed an ordinance to “ban the box” and otherwise restrict the use of arrest and conviction records in the hiring and personnel decisions of most private employers and of the City itself. Under the new Seattle ordinance, employers may not advertise, publicize or implement any policy or […]

Council ‘Bans the Box’ to Help Ex-cons Land Jobs

The City of Buffalo has voted to “ban the box”, making it illegal for any employer to ask job seekers on their applications if they have ever been convicted of a crime. The measure will now be submitted to the mayor for his signature, but the strong support in Council Chambers points to a veto-proof […]

Minnesota Enacts “Ban the Box Law” Prohibiting Employment Application Criminal History Checkmark Boxes and Restricting Criminal Record Inquiries Until After Interviews or Conditional Job Offers

Effective January 1, 2014, recent amendments to Minnesota law will restrict the timing of pre-employment inquiries by most private employers into a candidate’s criminal past. Employers who are not exempted from the law may not: (1) inquire into or consider or require disclosure of criminal record information until the applicant has been selected for an […]

SHRM Survey on Employee Background Checks

Seven out of 10 organizations (69%) claim they conduct criminal background checks on all job candidates, according to a 2012 background check survey from the Society for Human Resources Management. That survey shows another 18% conduct such checks on select job finalists and only 14% say they don’t research candidates for criminal records. When conducting […]

Richmond City Council Unanimously Passes ‘Ban the Box’ Ordinance

The Richmond’s City Council voted unanimously to eliminate requirements that applicants for many city jobs acknowledge prior felony convictions on initial applications. Though the “ban the box” ordinance’s passage was never in doubt – it was on the council’s consent agenda. Many said they didn’t expect the measure to end the difficulty that convicted felons […]

Proposed “Ban the Box” Bill Would Greatly Restrict Use of Applicants’ Criminal Background Information by New Jersey Employers

On February 7, 2013, “The Opportunity to Compete Act” was introduced in the New Jersey Senate, seeking to dramatically curtail the ability of New Jersey employers to obtain or use a job applicant’s criminal history during the hiring process. The proposed bill would require employers to engage in a multi-step process before rejecting an applicant […]

Employment Applications and Background Checks – Are You Compliant With Ever-changing Laws?

As laws continue to change, employers must ensure the employment applications and background checking processes and procedures they use are up-to-date and compliant. Currently, many employment applications ask about an applicant’s criminal history and the answers are taken into account during hiring decisions. However, a few states and cities around the country have enacted “ban […]

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