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Update on Ban the Box Laws

The National Employment Law Project estimates that about 185 million U.S. citizen are living in the ban-the-box jurisdiction located in 24 states, with acceleration since 2010. Some jurisdictions, such as Hawaii, Minnesota and Washington, D.C., have developed their own versions of the law, like those that include a prohibition for private employers, removal of the […]

Hiring Policies Ban the Box Adaptation Grows

The country’s implementation of the Ban the Box laws have steadily been on the rise since 2010, when only two states had such a law. Now, about 100 cities and counties have made it illegal for employers to request a criminal history and 9 have removed the conviction history from their applications, dependent upon residency […]

Update on Ban the Box Laws

With the support of federal and local governments in many communities, the National Employment Law Project recently reported that more than half of the country’s population is living in a ban-the-box jurisdiction. 24 states and over 100 local jurisdictions have implemented some form of the law and 9 states have now removed the criminal conviction […]

When Banning One Kind of Discrimination Results in Another

As of December 2015, 24 states and the District of Columbia have required employers to ban the box in some form. This followed President Obama removing the box on federal government employment applications. But, according to new studies, the ban may be causing harm to those it seeks to help. By eliminating access to an […]

When Banning One Kind of Discrimination Results in Anothe

So-called ban-the-box policies—which prevent employers from asking about a candidate’s criminal history until later on in the hiring process—aim to help people that have been previously incarcerated to more easily enter the labor market. President Obama “banned the box” on federal-government employment applications last year, and as of December 2015, 24 states and the District of Columbia […]

Bethlehem, PA Waiting To Ask Job Seekers About Criminal Records

Come March 14, Bethlehem no longer will ask each job applicant up front about a criminal record.That information, however, will be divulged prior to hiring. By opting to wait, the city joins a national movement pushed by civil rights advocates to “ban the box.”Advocates argue that many applicants with criminal records are passed over without […]

Hiring policies: Ban the box adoption grows

Across the United States, approximately 100 cities and counties have adopted “ban the box” laws, making it illegal for an employer to request an applicant’s conviction history at an early stage in the hiring process. Further, 19 states have adopted ban the box policies for public employees: California (2013, 2010), Colorado (2012), Connecticut (2010), Delaware […]

‘Ban the Box’ on its Way to Delaware Governor’s Desk

‘Ban the Box,’ the name of a measure that would prohibit most public agencies in Delaware from requiring job applicants to disclose their criminal history during the early steps of the hiring process passed the Delaware Senate. Gov. Jack Markell mentioned the effort, which passed 15-5, during his State of the State speech earlier this […]

Madison Taking Steps to ‘Ban the Box’ About Criminal History on Job Applications

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin and Ald. Maurice Cheeks introduce a resolution that would direct the city human resources director and the city attorney to come up with recommendations for eliminating questions regarding prior criminal convictions from city applications. Those issues would come up later in the hiring process, most likely after a candidate’s qualifications have […]

Rochester Considers Whether to ‘Ban the Box’

“Check ‘yes’ if ever been convicted of a felony.” That one box on job applications was the center of some heated conversations at City Hall. Called “Ban the Box,” the legislation would take away an employer’s right to ask if a person is a convicted felon on job applications. Submitted by Councilman Adam McFadden, the […]

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