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The Magnificent Seven: The Coming Trends that Will Impact Background Screening

Authored By W.Barry Nixon, SHRM- CMP As the publisher of The Background Buzz, the leading newsletter for the professional background screening industry, my monthly preparation involves reaching hundreds of articles and publications that deal with hiring, recruiting, talent management and acquisition, from business journals and blogs, to management publications. I would like to focus on […]

The Seven Year Reporting Rule: ‘To Report or Not to Report’ That is the Question?

Authored By W.Barry Nixon, SHRM- CMP With more and more private investigators conducting background checks, it is important to understand the seven-year reporting rule and the details regarding when the clock starts ticking after a conviction and prison time. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, unless the individual is reasonably expected to earn more […]

Trust but Verify

Authored By W.Barry Nixon, SHRM- CMP Job descriptions often include educational requirements that have been developed based on extensive analysis of job requirements and the level of knowledge needed to successfully perform the work. In addition, a professional license or certification also may be required. Certification criteria varies from field to field, but includes a […]

WANTED: EEOC Upends Background Screening with New Position on Criminal Background Checks

Authored By W.Barry Nixon, SHRM- CMP Four years ago, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued new guidance regarding background checks that would address the rise in conviction rates generally, and the disproportionately high conviction rates of African American and Hispanic men. The Enforcement Guidance would amend the increased availability and ease of the use of […]

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