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Cheers! Workplace Alcohol Testing Made Easier (And No More Effective)

A new finger-touch testing device is now ready for launch, which can give a red or green light for alcohol in the blood stream in just 10 seconds, allowing for the “processing” of up to 300 employees per hour. According to the manufacturers, users can set their own threshold levels and the device can be […]

Kansas Governor Signs Public Benefits Drug Test Bill

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback (R) has signed into law a bill that requires applicants for welfare and unemployment benefits to undergo drug testing if there is “reasonable suspicion” they are using drugs. People who test positive would have to undergo drug treatment and job training at state expense before becoming eligible for cash assistance. According […]

Was He Fired for Addiction – or for Lying About it?

A company hires an employee. Years later, HR learns he lied about being a drug and alcohol addict on his application. Can he be fired for his dishonesty? The answer is yes. After the employee sued the company, claiming disability discrimination, the court ruled in favor of the company. The court said the issue wasn’t […]

Maryland Medical Marijuana Bill Passes House

The Maryland House of Delegates Monday approved House Bill 1101 that would allow academic medical centers to provide medical marijuana to patients whose doctors recommend it. The bill would set up a medical marijuana commission to which the centers could apply for permission to administer marijuana to patients within a research-focused program. Marijuana would be […]

New York Medical Marijuana Bills Introduced

New York has become the latest state to see medical marijuana legislation introduced this year. Assemblyman Richard Gottfried filed Assembly Bill 6357 and Senator Diane Savino have filed companion legislation, Senate Bill 4406. The bills would create a tightly regulated system of medical marijuana supply, complete with patient registries, but would not allow patients or […]

Vermont Marijuana Legalization Bill Filed

Vermont has become the latest state to see a marijuana legalization bill filed this year. House Bill 499, “An Act Relating to Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana,” was introduced to the House and assigned to the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday. It would allow people 21 and over to possess up to two ounces of […]

Why is the DOT Taking So Long to Move on Hair Testing for Drugs?

The American Trucking Associations (ATA) used the National Transportation Safety Board’s (NTSB) stricter impaired-driving regulations as an opportunity to again push for the DOT to move forward on a process to allow motor carriers to collect hair samples for DOT-required drug testing in lieu of the currently mandated urine testing process. “ATA knows for a […]

Public Policy Against Illegal Drugs Supports Firing of Public School Aide Despite Arbitrator’s Reinstatement

An elementary public school classroom assistant was properly terminated for workplace drug abuse despite her 23 years of unblemished service and an arbitrator’s award reinstating her subject to various conditions because, a Pennsylvania appellate court has held, the award ran afoul of a “well-defined documented public policy of protecting children in school from the damages […]

Supreme Court Rules on Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing

In CEP, Local 30 v Irving Pulp & Paper, Ltd a divided Supreme Court has ruled for the first time on the issue of drug and alcohol testing in unionized workplaces. The case involved a random alcohol testing policy established by Irving Pulp & Paper in the exercise of its management rights. The policy applied […]

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