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Boeing Arrest Points to U.S. Workplace Drug Problems

The arrest of more than three-dozen people at a Boeing military aircraft plant for selling or trying to buy painkillers and anti-anxiety drugs, highlights the growing problem of prescription drug abuse by U.S. workers. Detecting such abuse in the workplace is problematic because most drug tests currently utilized by employers are geared toward illicit drugs […]

Quick Insight on Utah Drug Testing Law

Utah has a voluntary drug testing law. Employers that wish to comply may benefit from limited legal protection. Take a look below to learn more about Utah’s voluntary law and the legal protection it provides to employers that comply. The top three things to know about legal protection provided by law: No cause of action […]

Drug Screening Now Required for People Seeking Welfare Benefits in Utah

People seeking welfare benefits in Utah must now take an online drug-screening survey, designed to determine if they are likely to have a substance use disorder. Those who receive a high score will be required to take a drug test. A person with a positive drug test will have to enroll in a drug treatment […]

SHRM Poll Reveals Half of Employers Conduct Drug Tests on Final Job Candidates

A recent poll on Drug Testing Efficacy, conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) in collaboration with the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) revealed that, “drug testing may yield a high return on investment by creating a more stable, productive and safe workplace,” said Neil Fortner, DATIA Chairman elect and the […]

Marijuana Update

New state medical marijuana bills are starting to roll out as the legislative season gets underway. In Arizona, the state Court of Appeals ruled that the Yuma County sheriff must return marijuana seized from a California medical marijuana patient. The court said that the seized medical marijuana must be returned because Arizona’s medical marijuana law […]

Random Drug Testing of Forest Service Job Corps Staff Rejected by Federal Appeals Court

A program requiring universal random drug testing for all employees at 28 schools ran by the U.S. Forest Service is potentially unconstitutional, the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has held in a two-to-one decision. National Fed’n of Federal Employees v. Vilsack, No. 11-5135 (D.C. Cir. June 8, 2012). The split […]

Managing Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing

Workplace drug and alcohol testing is used by employers to screen applicants and test employees for illegal or unauthorized drug and alcohol use. For many U.S. employers, drug and alcohol testing has become standard practice, whether or not required by law. An effective and lawful testing program contains a number of important components that employers […]

Workers’ Comp Premiums and Drug Testing

Medical costs and insurance premiums are on the rise. Oregon has recently announced that it will be raising base workers’ compensation premiums from 2.8 cents to 3.3 cents per hour (the amount required before an insurance provider’s expenses and profits are added). This trend holds true in other states. After a dip in California, rates […]

The Sober Reality of Substance Abuse in the Workplace

Surveys show that substance abuse remains one of the most serious safety issues facing U.S. employers. Statistics tell us that: over 6 million active alcoholics are on the payrolls of American businesses; some 73% of all current illegal drug users aged 18 and older are employed; employees working under the influence are over 3 times […]

State Laws Dictate Drug Testing Policy Content

A well-written, comprehensive drug testing policy is the cornerstone of any successful program. A good policy accurately reflects a company’s drug testing objectives and clearly articulates prohibited behavior as well as the consequences for violations of the policy. It also describes who is subject to drug testing, under what circumstances testing will occur, and how […]

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